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Wednesday, February 7, 2018
What is the Moose all about?
How many members really know what the Moose club is all about? How many members know that the Moose annually contributes an average of $80 Million in donations and volunteer hours throughout North america? How many members know that you can enjoy a full range of benefits like reduced rates on car rentals and hotels and discounts on prescriptions and health related services? How many members know what Mooseheart is? Mooseheart is a residential and educational childcare facility for "at risk" youth. They have been presented with a fresh start by the members of the Moose to realize their full potential and flourish. The majority of the graduates go on to college and are provided with a four year scholarship!
How about Moosehaven? Anyone know what that is? Moosehaven is a residential retirement home in Orange Park Florida. For 90 years Moosehaven has provided for the well being of Moose members and their spouses in their sunset years. For more info on what the Moose has to offer please visit mooseintl.org. For all the members who know what the Moose is all about and what it has to offer, Thank you for help making it such a great organization.
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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